Clara Aich


Publishers, editors and art directors have long known that Clara Aich's photographs are unique. To this day, they continue to be astounded by her unusual, even unexpected, approach, to her subject as she delivers work that is both eye-catching and inspiring.
Over the years, Aich's photographs have been as diverse as her projects. Early on she developed an eye, capturing the extraordinary in ordinary everyday life. If "photography is all about learning to see," as her mentor told her, Aich learned to see--in her own distinctive manner.
In her twenties, Aich left the security of a comfortable home in Vienna, Austria, to adventurously follow her dream. Arriving in New York, she was fortunate to work first for Richard Avedon and then with Hans Namuth. As she developed, her trademark style won her the respect of her colleagues and clients. Her pictures are inspired: they reveal passion and beauty even as they capture reality with an unflagging devotion to detail and accuracy.
Her lucrative assignments for cosmetic companies, publishing houses and advertising agencies have included major campaigns for Estee Lauder, Revlon, Elizabeth Arden and Lancaster. Simultaneously, she worked on artistic and creative projects in exotic locations like India, Africa, South America and Indonesia. These inspired projects have resulted in series on subjects as diverse as fortune telling, Flamenco dance and graffiti art, to name just a few among many. Always open to new ideas, Aich has collaborated with many artists, including the abstract painter Alex Rutsch. A strong spiritual bond led Rutsch and Aich to inspire each other to create meaningful new work.
Aich was born in Budapest, Hungary and has an MFA in photography from Vienna's prestigious Graphic and Research Institute. She works in her historic brownstone in Manhattan.


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